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Plantation shutters are an elegant, practical and stylish alternative to curtains or blinds and suit both contemporary or traditional decor. They’ve been around for years but, only recently, have grown increasingly popular.   

Today, they’re one of the most sought after, dynamic and fashionable window furnishing solutions available, providing unrivalled style, privacy and light control.  Shutters have an exceptional insulation benefit too, reducing heat loss by 51% as well as cutting down outdoor noise, indicating why in times where efficiency has never been so paramount, many households are now choosing shutters instead of curtains.

Shutters are comprised of separate panels with louvres which are individually controlled to manage privacy and light as desired. With numerous styles available, shutters can fit any shape, size and window type – be it square, shaped, arched, patio or french doors. Our six collections have a choice of louvre sizes and a wide range of colours and stains to suit your taste or budget.   


Our Plantation Shutters are currently available in six ranges: three hardwoods; two craftwoods; one fully waterproof material. The ranges vary in price accordingly. Material choice can be governed by a number of factors: budget; colour or stain choice; the overall look and feel; the technicalities of the installation.

Full height 

Made up of rectangular or square shutter panels, full height span the full width and height of the shutter frame. With the inclusion of a mid rail (right), the louvres can be divided into two or more operating sets. Mid rails add integrity to larger shutter panels, can be used aesthetically to match existing window rails, or simply add functionality – maintaining privacy at lower level. As well as for use on standard square windows, full height shutters can be used for all types of ‘bay’ windows – multi section, angled and 90º/box shaped bays. 

Tier on tier

Tier on tier are the most flexible style of shutter. They operate in the same manner as full height, but the panels are split into two, allowing either half to be folded back independently of the other half, providing you with two operational sets. This maximises light as the top half can be opened whilst maintaining privacy through louvres of the lower panels, ideal for bedrooms. As well as for use on standard square windows, tier on tier shutters can be used for all types of ‘bay’ windows – multi section, angled and 90º/box shaped bays.  

Café style

Café style shutters, as the name suggests, were designed for café’s to add privacy at street level. They provide a touch of class to any interior and are ideal for use in conjunction with nets or curtains. The shutter panels and frame can be any height less than the full height of the window (usually around half the height). For aesthetics, if the window has a horizontal mid rail, café style shutters will look best with the top of the shutter panels aligned with it. 

Track system – patio doors 

Perfect for installations where long runs of shutter panels are required such as patio doors, long stretches of windows, or simply as a room divider. They can fit any span and are available in three styles: 90º bi-fold, 180º bi-fold and by-pass. A small trolley wheel system enables each panel to glide open and closed at the touch of a finger. 

Bi-fold: Hinges fix multiple shutter panels together. Each panel group concertinas to the left and/or right. A ‘free floating’ version of this style provides the same effect but with no folding restriction along the track, due to the end panel not being hinged to the side frame.

By-pass: Offering the same appeal as their bi-fold counterparts, by-pass shutters are not hinged together but simply glide in front or behind each other – excellent for wardrobes and partitions in rooms.

French doors

Handle cutouts can be positioned around door handles to allow normal operation of the door with the panel attached – a solution far above and beyond what is available from other door furnishings.

Note: French doors with handle cut outs are only available in the Fiji and Sumatra range.

Solid panels

Manufactured to exactly the same high standards as our louvered shutters but with a solid panel set inside the shutter frame, this very decorative style offers a more traditional look. They can also be specified with a solid base but combined with a louvered top section – commonly used for wardrobe doors and areas where foot traffic may be high, where the base of the shutters may need more strength and protection or louvres aren’t necessary all the way down.

Note: Solid panels are only available in the Fiji and Sumatra range.

Shaped – arched & fanlight 

There’s no limit for shutter installations, they can be fitted to ‘any’ shape of window, whether it be curved or angled. The most popular shaped shutters are arched, porthole and triangular shutters, the latter to suit roof window and eve installations. However, shapes can be made for: polygons – triangle, octagon, hexagon etc; arched; fan tops (radiating semi-circle); horizontal/radiating circles; oval.

Note: There are restrictions within each range.  

Shaped – angled

Triangular shutters suit roof window and eve installations.

Shaped – polygons

Shutters can be made in an unlimited number of shapes.


Our Plantation Shutters are currently available in five ranges: two craftwoods, two hardwoods and one composite which fully waterproof. There are pros and cons to each range as material choice can be driven by various factors: budget, whether you want a coloured or stained finish, the overall look and feel, whether the windows are shaped and the desired configuration of the panels. 

Our entry-level product, manufactured in MDF covered in a patented extruded polypropylene coating, offering the same levels of quality but with reduced colour options and installation capabilities. Antigua is available in 5 shades of white and due to its weight, the maximum number of panels that can be hinged together is 2.
This range is suitable for most windows, they’re extremely durable, moisture and scuff resistant and very easy to maintain. The polymer coating is robust and it gives them a very subtle textured, glossy finish, whereas painted shutters have a flatter and matter finish. Frame choice is limited and Antigua cannot be manufactured in ‘ curved’ shapes.

antigua plantation shutter

Bali combines MDF frame and panels with ABS louvres which are coated in a hard wearing ‘paintable’ polypropylene. This allows it to be produced in the ‘full painted colour range’ and has an eggshell effect. The finish is more natural than the Antigua product, closely resembling that of a hardwood shutter. The polypropylene sleeve protects it from changes in ambient temperature, eliminating the risk of in situ moisture changes and the risk of warping and twisting.
All wood based components in Bali shutters are sourced from 100% sustainably managed plantation forests. Frame choice is limited and Bali cannot be manufactured in ‘curved’ shapes. Due to the louvres being manufactured in ABS, the panel weight of the shutter is lighter than Antigua, allowing greater width of both single and multiple hung panels.
bali plantation shutter

The Cuba range combines an MDF frame with ‘finger jointed’ hardwood panels and louvres. The result is a robust frame with the lightness of hardwood panels. The panels and louvres are manufactured in a mix of hardwoods which all possess linear grain making it ideal for paint providing a flawless, uniform finish.
Cuba offers a large range of frames and the stiles (side of the panels) are engineered – reinforced by using multiple layers of wood bonded together ensuring that the panel does not twist or warp. No special shapes are available in this range and Cuba is available in 6 shades of white.

cuba plantation shutter

The Fiji range offers the most flexibility in installation styles and specification variables. Fiji is available in the full range of paint or stain finishes, as well as any custom paint colour. It’s available in both linear and curved shapes. Fiji’s painted range is manufactured from premium hardwoods, whilst the stain range uses Paulownia. These woods are beautifully smooth and stable timbers. The stiles (side of the panels) are engineered – reinforced by using multiple layers of wood bonded together ensuring that the panel does not twist or warp.
Paulownia is extremely lightweight making it ideal for large window expanses or windows situated within roof spaces. It has one of the highest strength to weight ratios and a beautiful light to honey blonde colour which is very receptive to stains where the natural grain shows through. It’s dimensionally stable and a consistently knot free hardwood. Due to its low thermal conductivity Paulownia is excellent at keeping heat out and warmth in.

fiji plantation shutter
Combining an ABS outer with a hardwood core, the Java range is 100% waterproof – perfect for bathroom and wet room environments. The ABS coating is also extremely durable so perfect for high traffic areas, such as a nursery in a home or where a room divider shutter is required.
Frame choice is limited, however Java is available in both linear and curved shapes. There are 6 shades of white to choose from.

java plantation shutter


Once you’ve decided on the style and colour of your shutters, there are options available enabling you to tailor them precisely how you want them. We will discuss your requirements and give you the best advice, allowing you to get the most out of your shutters.

The size of louvre is not only an aesthetic consideration… it determines the amount of light entering a room but also the level of privacy, eg. large louvres have big gaps between them, so more light will enter the room, but they need to be tilted more than smaller ‘closer’ louvres to obtain privacy. Depending on the available recess depth and/or any protruding handles, your choice of maximum lourve size may be dictated. There are 5 sizes across the range, although 64mm and 89mm are most commonly used.


Depending on your chosen or required installation method, there are a choice of frame styles to suit traditional or contemporary decor, for fitting inside or outside the recess. Standard fitting uses a 4 sided frame and is the best option if panels are kept closed more often than open. 3 sided frames can be fitted, which eliminates the lower frame.
Insert L Can be fitted inside the recess either directly to the window frame, flush with the front of the recess, or outside the recess, directly onto the wall.
Deep Plain L For the most contemporary look, this minimally detailed frame fits inside the recess, side fixed with inserts.
Bullnose Z A simple modern frame which can only be fitted to the front of the recess, overlapping the wall slightly. Using this frame positions the front of the shutter panels 10mm proud of the wall.
Beaded Z Identical to the Bullnose Z but with a beaded feature. This frame is also fitted to the front of the recess, overlapping the wall slightly. Using this frame positions the front of the shutter panels 10mm proud of the wall.
Crown Z A traditional version of the Bullnose Z frame which is also fitted to the front of the recess, overlapping the wall by 50–55mm with its detailed symmetrical architrave. Using this frame positions the front of the shutter panels 14mm proud of the wall.
Camber Deco For use when the recess is very shallow and is not possible to fit inside it. This frame fixes directly to the wall and as a result, the front of the shutter panels are 32mm proud of the wall.
Ridge Deco A traditional version of the Camber Deco frame, used when the recess is very shallow and is not possible to fit inside it. Fixes directly to the wall and as a result, the front of the shutter panels are 32mm proud of the wall.

There is a choice of 9 hinge colours to best match the colour of your painted shutters, compliment a natural wood finished shutter, or match existing fittings in your home. Our painted hinges are powder coated and all hinges have colour matched screwheads and hinge pins for a seamless, unified appearance. Stainless steel is advised for bathrooms where moisture may cause corrosion over time. Stainless steel and brushed nickel hinges incur a surcharge.

Brushed stainless steel
Brushed nickel
Nickel plated
Bright brass
Antique brass
Silk white
The operation of the louvres is controlled by a tilt rod and is fitted centrally to the louvres as standard. It can, however, be positioned to one side if preferred, although this is generally used for shaped windows where off setting it allows the maximum number of louvres to be operated. The ‘silent’ option shows no physical sign of the tilt rod. It’s completely hidden within the panel stile, providing the ultimate in contemporary styling. Panels featuring this mechanism will have a groove and cover strip on one side, visible on the inside of the stile. Louvre control is operated by tilting any louvre.
Three types of stile are available for where 2 panels meet when closed: Butt This has a flat edge and allows either left or right panel to be opened first. The Butt will let in a tiny amount of light through the gap between the panels.

Rebate This has a interlocking edge which means one side must open first and close last. The interlock prevents light from entering through the gap between panels.

D-Mould This has a Butt edge with the addition of a lip which overlaps the opposing panel meaning the gap between panels is not visible and works in the same way as the Rebate.



There are additional features available, should you require them.

The blackout option uses an integrated blackout blind which pulls down behind the panel/s to prevent virtually any light from entering the room. The blind is a honeycomb design which traps air within it creating another barrier across the window, so cuts down noise and retains even more heat. When the blind is pulled up, it has a minimal stacking depth, so is very discreet.

Blind pulled down

Blind retracted

Panel closed with retracted blind
Additional fastenings can be fitted to your shutters to assist the opening of the panels or to secure them when closed:

Ring pulls & handles Shutter panels are designed to be simply pulled open by the stiles (sides of the panel). Alternatively, ring pulls or nickel plated handles can be fitted for extra ease of opening.

Roof catches Shutters for skylights come with magnets as standard, but can alternatively be fitted with discreet push button roof catches which release the catch behind the rail.

Locks Flush mounted bolts can be fitted for additional security, however, they should not be used in place of existing security measures.

For shutters out of reach, inaccessible or if you simply want the luxurious addition, the remote control option allows the operation of louvres at the touch of a button. The mechanism itself is discreetly integrated into the back of the shutter panel and is available as either battery or solar powered. Remote controlled shutters are available on all regular shutters except for Tier-on-Tier, Bi-fold and Multi-fold panels, and on 64mm, 89mm and 114mm louvres only.


Our shutters are made by the UK’s leading plantation shutter manufacturer – S-Craft. There are many features and benefits which set them apart from competitors on the market.

Shutters will become a fixture of your home and they have been proven to add value to its resale price, so it’s imperative that you make the wisest choice for your investment. Here, you will find some of the more detailed information about our product:

No warping
Our shutters use state of the art manufacturing with hand crafted finishing touches. Woods utilised in hardwood shutters are stored for six months, kiln dried twice in a computer controlled drying facility and specifically dried to take into account our climate, to avoid frame warping, then allowed to settle before being treated.
Greater strength
Our shutters’ stiles (sides of the panels) use a unique ‘transverse multi-ply’ process – rather than made as solid pieces the wood, they are cut into strips and bonded back together in opposing layers for greater strength, breaking the capillaries in the wood through which moisture travels. This and the strength of the bonding agent ensures that our panels are very unlikely to warp.

Mortise and tenon joints are used between rails and stiles – far stronger than dowel joints and minimises movement which would cause cracking in the paint or stain finish. 

mortice joints

Multiple coats of paint
Our shutters are sprayed with a specifically developed, high quality, proprietary paint system. No less than six coats of paint or stain is applied to ensure the product is less susceptible to fading or yellowing and the last layer is UV protected just to make sure. The result is a unsurpassable finish which will remain looking that way.
Stainless fixings
Our shutters use the best quality marine grade stainless steel staples to attach the tilt rods to the shutters. In addition, the tips of the staples are coated in a bonding agent to make sure they remain secure.
FSC certification
Our Sumatra range is manufactured from white teak and grown on the island of Kolombangara in the Solomon Islands, which nurtures several protected forests as well as a plantation area of 14,330 hectares planted with mixed indigenous and exotic commercial wood species. This plantation has held FSC certification since 1998 (FSC certificate DNV-COC-000195). S-Craft, as the UK operator distributing our product, must also hold an FSC certificate and, to our knowledge, S-Craft is the only UK distributor currently holding FSC certification for shutters to date.

FSC logo green

Our shutters are assembled prior to shipping to ensure that all the components fit together perfectly. Once photographed these are then disassembled and packed into custom made packaging to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. When shipping by airfreight, shutters are double packed for additional security. In the unlikely event that your order is damaged in transit, the effected items will be replaced at no extra cost.
Our shutters are are finished to perfection and designed and engineered to last. They are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. So, as you’d expect from world leading shutter producers, they carry a three year manufacturer’s warranty and a twelve month installation warranty.  


Colour choice is probably the most important aesthetic decision when ordering shutters. Whilst most customers choose shades of white, the full colour palette offers an extensive choice of paints and stains to cater for most types of decor. Customised colours are also available, or can be matched to any reputable paint code (additional cost). The colours of each range is shown in the swatch below.

Note: Swatch to be used as a guide only and does not reflect the true colour of the finished product.

Colour palette – 28 colours (+ custom) & 20 stains: